Transforming the Waste Perspective

At Altent Renewables, we view waste as a valuable resource instead of a cost. With our advanced waste conversion technology, we focus on maximizing the value of the industry's most problematic waste: wet waste.

Our Mission

To offer the most economical and sustainable solution for wet waste

Our Vision

To make wet waste valuable for businesses, so that they avoid unsustainable practices


The Wet Waste Problem

Having been in the waste industry for years, we have seen waste oil dumped from ships, sewage sludge overflowing into oceans, and food waste discarded on open grounds. We have come to realise that these waste streams have high water content, making them difficult to treat using current mainstream technologies.

Oil Spill

Scale of the Problem

Globally, more than 80% of the wet waste generated goes into incineration plants, landfills, or dumping grounds. An estimated 52.8 million gallons of waste oil is dumped into oceans annually.

Environmental Impact

These unsustainable practices result in excessive emissions and environmental pollution. Billions of wildlife are killed by wet waste dumping each year leading to loss of biodiversity. Beautiful beaches are destroyed and toxic substances enter our food chain.

Root Cause

Current technologies are inefficient, costly, and unsustainable when it comes to wet waste. Thermal treatment methods require energy-intensive drying, while biological methods require large land space.

Maximizing the Value of Wet Waste

Our innovative hydrothermal technology creates value from wet waste

Best of Both Worlds

By utilizing wet waste to produce sustainable fuels, we solve the biggest challenges of both the waste and energy industries. Moreover, we ensure that our technology is both economical and sustainable.

Zero-Cost Transition

Our state-of-the-art technology is paired with effective business models, allowing our waste partners to transition without additional costs. In fact, we provide cost savings right from the start.


Our team of experts ensure that nothing is wasted. On top of converting wet waste into fuels, we recover useful minerals for multiple applications. We follow universal sustainability standards and strive towards zero waste targets.

Meet the Founders

We are an innovative team with a strong passion for the environment

CEO Tan Wee Han

Tan Wee Han

CEO & Founder

Wee Han has 6 years' of experience in the field of sustainability and waste technology. He worked on projects involving waste heat recovery, waste sorting, and waste conversion. In 2022, Wee Han saw a gap in the industry and founded Altent Renewables to tackle the problem of wet waste.

CTO Benjamin Wan

Benjamin Wan

CTO & Founder

Benjamin is an expert in automation, power and process control. He was formerly a research engineer at a national research institute where he led several R&D projects and developed IPs for robotics and energy systems. Benjamin saw the potential of waste as an energy source and founded Altent Renewables to transform the energy industry.

Our Facility

JTC Tuas Chemicals Hub

Test Site

We are currently operating at JTC Chemicals Hub in Singapore, licensed by the National Environment Agency (NEA). We are working on the development and scale-up of the next generation hydrothermal waste conversion process.

Partner with us

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