Realize Your Wet Waste Potential

We create value from wet organic waste using our highly advanced innovative technology that is cost-effective, sustainable, and future-proof.

Innovative Solution with Advanced Technology

Wet waste is a major problem globally because the high water content makes it difficult and costly to treat using current technologies. With our technology, water content is no longer an obstacle. Instead, our latest innovation harnesses the properties of water to our advantage, effectively making wet waste a valuable resource.

Maximizing the Value of Wet Waste

We convert wet organic waste into clean fuels and recover minerals, providing cost savings and achieving zero waste targets.

Best of Both Worlds

By utilizing wet waste to produce sustainable fuels, we solve the biggest challenges of both the waste and energy industries. Moreover, we ensure that our technology is both economical and sustainable.

Zero-Cost Transition

Our state-of-the-art technology is paired with effective business models, allowing our waste partners to transition without additional costs. In fact, we provide cost savings right from the start.


Our team of experts ensure that nothing is wasted. On top of converting wet waste into fuels, we recover useful minerals for multiple applications. We follow universal sustainability standards and strive towards zero waste targets.

Industries We Serve

We can handle a wide range of difficult waste streams from multiple industries.

Maritime and Petrochemical Industry

Maritime & Petrochemical Industry

Waste oil and sludge from crude oil refining, storage, and transportation are hazardous waste that are difficult and costly to treat. As a result, many companies turn to illegal dumping to avoid disposal costs.
Wastewater and Sewage Industry

Wastewater & Sewage Industry

Wastewater and sewage sludge from residential and industrial sources have to be properly treated before discharge. Current treatment technologies require large land spaces and sometimes overflow during heavy rain.
Food and Agricultural Industry

Food & Agricultural Industry

Food and farm waste are largely underutilized because current technologies are unable to meet the scale and demand. It is common for these types of waste to be dumped on open lands for natural composting, which emits methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

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